Number 7, 2005
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Kablov Y.N. Heat-Resistant Structural Materials
Development of modern heat-resistant nickel alloys for casting monocrystal gas turbine blades is analyzed. Particular features of alloying, phase composition and physical-and-chemical factors of heat resistance of monocrystal heat-resistant rhenium-containing nickel alloys are discussed. Methods of computer-aided design of monocrystal heat-resistant nickel alloys are discussed. Technological solutions that have made it possible to create a new generation of monocrystal heat-resistant nickel-based alloys are shown.

Degtyarenko G.I. et al. Analytical Method of Determining the Average Grain Size and Sand Homogeneity Coefficient
At the heart of the proposed method of calculating the average grain size and sand homogeneity coefficient is the same principle as in the GOST, only expressed in analytical form. Methods of determining these characteristics has been developed and used under production conditions. The methods presented are recommended for use in performing incoming inspection and monitoring the grain base of sand in an operating production facility.

Ivanov V.V. et al. The Volumetrically Stressed State of a V-Process Mold
Assessment of the stressed state of the refractory filler in a V-process mold is important for determining the conditions of its strength and the moment of losing stability, in particular, for cases of mold shaping, transporting half-molds and mold pouring. To accomplish the tasks set, the finite elements method was chosen, which allows discretizing the corresponding sub-areas.

Malinovsky V.S. et al. Multi-Purpose DC Arc Furnaces of the New Generation for Foundry and Metallurgy Industry
Practical conclusions and recommendations based on specific technological and other results of work on commercial mastering DC arc furnaces of the new generation are given. Such furnaces have no alternative in respect of implementing solutions of a complex of problems allowing to assure metal quality that is hard to achieve on other furnace types.

Popov V.N. et al. DC Arc Furnace of the New Generation at OAO Electrostal Metallurgical Plant
A steel-melting arc furnace has been reconstructed to a DC arc furnace under production conditions. A technology of making all of the current assortment, including structural, tool, high-speed, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and high-temperature steel, has been tested and mastered. A DC furnace is high-technology steel-melting aggregate that allows resolving many steel-making problems.

Volodin A.M. et al. Steel-Melting in an Arc Furnace after Switching Power Supply from Alternating to Direct Current
Melting has been switched from an AC furnace to a DC furnace of the new generation, which allows, along with improving economic and ecologic indices, using charge materials of lower quality without additional expenses for their processing.

The new Seiatsu molding line installed at Schenherr Foundry - an example of replacement and modernization of existing molding equipment

Gartmann G. et al. Stand-alone Numerical Riser Optimization for Complex Pattern Plates

The Gomel "Tsentrolit" Foundry

Yaskevich I.A. The Results of the Third International Metals Week

Sverdlin A. The Parade of the USA's Foundrymen - 2005

Ruskol V.I. et al. Review of Domestic and International Information

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