Number 12, 2005
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Belov V.D. The 75th Anniversary of the Metalcasting Process Technology Department at the Moscow State Institute of Steel and Alloys (TU)

Brodsky Y.A. et al. Use of Water-Free Molding Sands to Produce Castings
The article gives the results of using water-free organobentonite-bonded molding sands at some foundries. Such molding sands allow to resolve a number of problems in the production of nonferrous alloy and ferrous metal castings.

Yevstigneyev A.I. et al. Effect of a Polymer Additive on the Properties of Lignosulfonate-Based Core Sands
Investigations into a lignosulfonate-based polymer-bonded core sand from packing material waste have shown an enhancement of its strength and performance characteristics, cost effectiveness and availability.

Petrov V.V. et al. Coating a Sodium-Silicate Sand Filler with Organic Substance Solutions
Treatment of a filler with aqueous or aqueous-alcoholic organic substance solutions with the purpose of improving the shakeout capability, reclaimability of sodium-silicate bonded sand and casting surface finish is discussed.

Grefhorst K. et al. Bentonite Bonded Molding Sands

Serebryakov S.P. et al. The Centrifugal-Blade Principle of Reclaiming and Activating Molding Sands
Issues of mechanical reclamation of molding materials are discussed. A brief analysis of material costs for various reclamation methods is given. The centrifugal-blade principle of treating molding and core sands is described. Diagrams and electronic photographs of the treatment results are presented.

Gurdin V.I. Gravity Dies Made of Composite Materials
The article presents a process of making permanent molds (gravity dies) by the powder metallurgy method for nonferrous and ferrous metal casting, which significantly reduces the labor intensiveness of their production and material consumption by minimizing the operations of machining the casting cavity of the gravity die.
Results of investigating the properties of iron-based composites for making gravity dies, produced by the liquid-phase sintering method, are given.

Smykov A.F. et al. Designing Gating Systems for Gas Turbine Engine Rotor Blades
It has been found that using application programs for designing gating systems for gas turbine engine rotor blades high quality castings can be produced. The cost effectiveness of their production rises.

Boldin A.N. et al. Developing a Bundled Software for Environmental Assessment of Imported Foundry Equipment
An environmental assessment of imported foundry equipment is given from the point of view of its compliance with the RF's standards of maximum permissible concentrations of hazardous substances.
A bundled software has been developed, which allows to assess the parameters of equipment being started, taking into consideration the differences between the standards in the RF and foreign countries.

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