Number 11, 2005
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Gini E.Ch. Russia's Foundry Industry among Other Industrially Developed Countries

Selyanin I.F. et al. Complex Effect of Thermotemporal Treatment and Fluxing on the Properties of AK7Ch Alloy
The complex action on AK7Ch alloy by thermotemporal treatment and a flux containing 50% NaCl, 35% KCl, 15% Na2SiF6 allows controlling the heredity of melt from low-grade charge materials and producing an alloy with a required level of properties.

Verbitsky V.I. et al. Comparative Investigations of Rheological Behavior of Molding Sands Using Different Compaction Methods
Two molding sands were investigated on test benches with different compaction methods: pulse-filtration and impact loading.
The main differences in the behavior of the molding sands and the advantages of each of the methods are discussed.

Yevstigneyev A.I. et al. Chemical Activation of a Complex Organic Binder Based on Industrial Lignosulfonates
Effect of activation of a complex organic binder on the strength of molding sand has been investigated, its effectiveness in core making has been shown.

Glebov S.M. Low-Temperature Molding - an Environmentally Safe Technology for the Foundry Industry
The manufacture of ceramic molds and cores by freezing water suspensions is discussed as a method that helps create an environmentally safe foundry and successfully competes with making cores from synthetic resin bonded sands.
Effect of suspension composition, freezing, drying and calcining conditions on the properties of molds and cores has been investigated.

Bast Y. et al. Lost Foam Casting with Controlled Mold Filling

Vodenikov Y.A. et al. Technology and Equipment for Thermal Reclamation of Molding Sands
A department for thermal reclamation of molding sand on a KTIAM-designed PT-1 unit has been installed. The physical-and-mechanical properties and advantages of molding sands using reclaimed sand have been investigated.

Sedov S.V. et al. Automation of the Process of Calculating the Reliability of Foundry Equipment
The most important principles of automation of designing foundry equipment based on the main reliability indices, based on which a program complex has been developed, are discussed. Its use simplifies the compromise between the reduction of the less reliable of them.

Popov D. Financing Foundry Industry Modernization Projects

Filbert L.V. The Marketing Component of Innovation Processes in the Foundry Industry

About China's Foundry Production

Yaskevich I.A. On the Proceedings of the VIIth Russian Foundry Congress

Ruskol V.I. Rewiew of International Information

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