Number 9, 2008
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Shynsky I., Pelikan O., Shyryayev V., Karichkovsky P., Romanenko Y. Technological basis of obtaining of the big-sized cast-welded bimetallic constructions
The optimal temperature-and-time parameters of casting, regimes of welding and heat treatment by production of cast-welded bimetallic constructions of the big-sized parts of machines and equipment operating in the conditions of the intensive wear are presented. The results of experimental-industrial tests of the cast-welded bimetallic constructions of the reversible impact beaters of rotary crushers are given. It is shown that technical resource of such constructions increases in 3-4 times the resource of the monometallic beaters of manganese steels. The recommendations on cast-welded bimetallic constructions in industry are formulated.

Simanovskii V., Maksyuta I., Kvasnytska Iu., Levchenko Iu. The Inoculation Sand Blends Prepare Casting with Superalloys Melts
The inoculation by disperse powder of B, Al, Si, Ti and their mixtures are proposed for running ability level increase of casting molds, rods, and fluxes. The bulk-thermal parameter (P - parameter), which correlate with bulk effect and enthalpy of compounds formation are proposed, for determination of mechanism behavior chemical reactions in time of inoculation. P-parameter allows to determinate the chain of several chemical compounds formation.

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Naidek V.L. The 50th Anniversary of the Physics and Technology Institute of Metals and Alloys at Ukraine's National Academy of Sciences

Kondratyuk S. Y. Heredity of Cast Steel Structure and Properties

Moiseyev Y. V. et al. Rapid Control of Carbon, Silicon and Manganese Contents in Steels and Irons (New Solutions)

Simanovsky V. M. et al. Modified Moulding Sands for High- Temperature Alloy Casting Production

Borisov G. P. The Scientific Basics of Developing Methods of Further Improvement of Properties and Technical-and-Economic Indices of High-Quality Aluminium Alloy Casting Manufacture

Shinsky I. O. et al. The Technological Basics of Making Large-Size Cast-and-Welded Bimetallic Structures

Doroshenko V. S. Methods of Making Skeleton- and Cellular-Type Cast Materials and Parts by Lost Foam Casting Process

Taborski D. et al. Foundry Consumables by ASK-Chemicals (Germany)

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