Number 5, 2008
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A.V. Alifanov, A. G. Anisovich, Yu. I. Krivonos (SSI "Physical-Technical Institute of NAS of Belarus"). Use of Impulse Magnetic Field For Improvement of Structure and Increase of Properties of Ball-bearings
The investigation has been made of effect caused by pulse processing using magnetic field on structure and properties of ball-bearings produced by Minsk Ball-Bearing Plant. It is established that the use of magnetic pulse processing with the pulse energy of 2 to 5 kJ increases ball strength by 10%. In this case spread of breaking load values for batch balls is from 50 to 33 kN. The method of sighting metallograhy revealed the microstructure changing under exposure of magnetic field including spheroidizing of carbide phase, increase of carbide distribution homogeneity in matrix and enhancement of martensite structure homogeneity.

Yu.Ya. Skok, V.M. Sokolov V.D. Babyuk, А.H. Mekhed Thermo Analytical Investigation of Low/temperature Stage of Aluminothermig Reduction of Rutile
The processes of the low-temperature stage of aluminothermic reduction of nitile were carried out by the thermoanalytical measurements. The influence of the activation additions in the form of CaF2, NaCl, Na3AlF6 and NaF on the ignition temperature of the rutile-Al system was investigated. It has been shown that/NaF is the most efficient addition. It reduces the ignition temperature the system from 1400…1240 down to 670 C.

Chervyakov A.A. et al. (GOUVPO MATI - Russian State K.E. Tsyolkovsky Technical University, Moscow). Modern Methods of Integrated Assessment of Materials' Resistance to High-Speed Loadings
Modern approaches to setting up of dynamic tests of materials for a reliable assessment of their structural, in the first place, deformation-and-strength property parameters have been an

alyzed in a systematized way. Information on created test means (stands) realizing speeds of deformation of specimens being studied of 10…105 s-1 at dynamic loadings and 10-1…10-3 s-1 at static ones is given. Typical variants of dynamic plants used in the study are illustrated, realizing the following principles of creating impulse loadings: using the energy of elastic accumulators, magnetic-impulse, electrohydraulic and others. Individual principles of methods for dynamic measurement of parameters of testing specialized material specimens: quasi-static, wave, are set forth.

V.V. Nazaratin New Heat-Insulating Mixtures for Heat Insulation of Steel Casting and Ingot Risers
Analysis of the main physical-and-mechanical properties of ash losses of various thermal power plants to find those which meet the complex of requirements on fillers for heat-insulating mixtures for heat insulation of steel casting and ingot risers has been conducted.

Table of Content:

On the 95th Birthday Anniversary of Iosif Naumovich Fridlyander

Korolyov S.P. et al. The Technological Aspects of Recycling Aluminium-Containing Waste in Rotary Furnaces

Esselbakh V.S. et al. Improving the Process of Manufacturing Iron-Silicon-Magnesium Master Alloys

Skok Yu.Ya. et al. Derivatographic Study of the Low-Temperature Stage of Aluminothermal Recovery of Titanium from Rutile

Ilyinsky V.A. et al. Prediction of Structure and Properties of Carbon Steels by Three-Component Fe-C-Si Analogs

Chervyakov A.A. et al. Modern Methods of Integrated Assessment of Materials' Resistance to High-Speed Loadings

Pankov Ye. Development Trends and Prospects of Secondary Aluminium Alloys Market in Russia

Alifanov A.V. et al. Application of Impulse Magnetic Field for Improving Structure and Properties of Ball Bearings

Sklyarenko V.G. et al. Development of a Process of Manufacturing Disc Blanks from Granulated EP741NP (ЭП741НП) Alloy by the HIP Method with Subsequent Deformation

Nazaratin V.V. New Heat-Insulating Mixtures for Heat Insulation of Steel Casting and Ingot Risers

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