Number 10, 2005
Издательский дом «Литейное производство» выпускает два специализированных научно-технических журнала с периодичностью: «Литейное производство» – ежемесячно, «Металлургия машиностроения» – 1 раз в 2 месяца.
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The 80th Anniversary of the Foundry Department of National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI" (topical collection)

Doroshenko S.P. The 80th Anniversary of the Foundry Department of National Technical University of Ukraine

Doroshenko S.P. et al. The 50th Anniversary of the LV-11 Group of the Metallurgical Faculty of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute

Fedorov G.Е., Platonov Е.А., Kuz'menko А.Е., Yamshinskiy М.М. Influence of structure on the mechanical and operating descriptions chromium-aluminum coating steel
Influencing of chrome, aluminium, carbon and titan in the wide range of their concentrations on a structure is explored, mechanical and operating properties of heat-resistant salees for work in aggressive environments to 1250°С. It is set that all mechanical and operating properties are depend on a structure descriptions.

Yamshinskiy М.М., Fedorov G.Е., Platonov Е.А., Kuz'menko А.Е. Influence of technological factors on structure and properties of heat-resistant chromium-aluminum steel
Influencing of rare-earth metals of sequence of input of alloying elements in fusion and temperatures before the inundation in forms on quality of heat-resistant wares is explored. It is set that the transferred technological factors have substantial influence on a structure and properties of the high-alloyed heat-resistant alloys.

Fesenko M.A. Optimizing the Composition of the Additive for Graphitizing Inoculation in the Mold
The optimum and stable results of graphitization modification in the casting form of the cast-iron inclined to crystallization with chill even in the thick sections of walls of foundings are attained on the shallow and middle casting at the use of ferrosilicon 75 with the size of particles 5,0±2,5 мм. The method of intensification of process of dissolution of fine-dyspersated ferrosilicon, including powder-like fraction, and increase of efficiency of graphatization modification, is offered, which consists in addition in the complement of charge of reactionary chamber 1...4% of powder-like magnesium and 1...2% of powder-like fluor-spar.

Chaikovskiy A.A. The In-Mold Inoculation in Lost Foam Casting
Methods of investigating the effect of the technological parameters on the efficiency of the interaction of the spheroidizing inoculant and cast iron have been developed. The mathematical processing of the obtained degrees of graphite speheroidization determines the dependence of the dynamics of the process on the location of the deferent channel of the reaction chamber.

Fyodorov N.N. et al. The Physical-and-Mechanical Activation of Bentonite Clays
The way of physico-mechanical activation of bentonitic clay by additives of clay minerals with different structure by a joint grinding is offered. Complex binding on the basis of heat-resistant bentonite which provides reduction of time of hashing of a mix and providing a high level of technological properties is developed.

Makarevich A.P. et al. Ceramic Molds for Investment Casting with Low-Module Water Glass.
The effect of alumo-containing substances on the properties of ceramic molds and shakeout capability of molding sands with low-module water glass has been investigated. Pyrofallit used as a filler prevents the melting of the silicate eutectic of water glass ensuring precision of molds and castings.

Samarai V.P. et al. Computerized Working Place for Optimization of the Foundry Molds Compaction and its Information Retrieval System

Yeliseyev Y.S. et al. Production of Large-Size Gas-Turbine Plant Parts in the UVP-5 Vacuum Unit
The results of upgrading the UVP-5 vacuum melting unit for casting large-size parts are presented. Methods of strengthening large-size ceramic shell molds and ways of further improving the UVP-5 unit are set forth. The results have been successfully used and mastered at FGUP MMPP "Salyut"

Sergiyenya N.N. et al. Automatic Pouring: Experience of Application at OAO Atlant

Veryovkin A.G. Industrial Valve Castings of Germany - Trends in the Field of Price Formation

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