Number 1, 2005
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The Policy of Enhancing the Competitiveness of Russia's Economy. The National Report (continued)

Melting. Melt Treatment

Zadrutsky S.P. et al. System Approach to Raw Casting Quality. Preparations for Effective Furnace and Out-of-furnace Treatment of Aluminum Alloys
The article is dedicated to the creation of pelletized preparations and fluxes exerting a refining-degassing and inoculating action on the structure of alloys and protecting the melt against the contact with the furnace atmosphere.
A possibility of creating parting compounds, release agents and fixtures to obtain accurate geometric shapes, surface finish and good casting extractability is considered.

Zarembo V.I. et al. Effect of Electric Current Pulses on the Metal Melting and Solidification Processes
Action of low-strength current pulses in the mode of electromagnetic-acoustic conversion accelerates the processes of metal and alloy solidification, changing materials' properties. The effect of this process results in a higher rate of transfer and equalization of thermodynamic parameters. The degree of materials' structure uniformity rises, and materials' properties improve.

Modern Materials

Semyonov V.I. Difficulties of the Kinetic Theory of Metal and Alloy Solidification
Mechanisms of intra-atomic and interatomic interaction that determine the spontaneous processes in a melt are discussed. A conception of melt structure close to the equilibrium crystallization temperature has been formulated. The effectiveness of the liquid state properties and the natural influence of the melt structure on the formation of the primary cast structure are explained.

Sedelnikov V.V. et al. Effect of Various Physical Fields on the Physical-and-Mechanical Properties of Phosphate Binders
Crystallizing solutions are considered as open systems. Quasi-periodical oscillations of surface tension of solutions have been established practically and on the strength of it the self organization of polycrystals at crystallization of solutions is studied.
The influence of ultra dispersed (-nano) powders on self-organization of structures at crystallization of solutions is shown.
Systems like a solution or a melt plus ultra dispersed (-nano) powder are considered as ultra dispersed systems and are classified under nanotechnology.

Technologies of the 21st Century

The Energy of the Future

Theory and Technology of Plastic Deformation Processes — 2004. The Conference Proceedings

Marukovich Y.I. et al. Stressedly-Deformed State of Chiller in Continuous-Cyclic Freeze-on Casting
To enhance the durability of the chiller it is necessary to reduce the time of stress action. The determining factor is the wall thickness of the working bushing.
The influence of geometrical parameters thickness on its mode of deformation at heat cycling is studied. To enhance the durability of the chiller it is necessary to reduce the time of stress action. The determining factor is the wall thickness of the working bushing. The formula for determination of optimal wall thickness is given.

Stem's New Shotblasting Chamber. Investments into the Future

Information. News Items

Ivanov V.N. Review of Domestic and International Information

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