Number 8, 2004
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Yevtushenkov V. From Resources to Development

Gatsuro V.M. et al. Enhancement of Mechanical and Casting Properties of Grade 35L Steel by Inoculation
As a result of investigations it was found that refinement of structure and enhancement of mechanical properties of grade 35L carbon steel can be achieved by controlling the metal solidification, acting on the processes of zone segregation, and also by adding inoculating additives to molten metal, in particular BKL, and by lowering Tpour of steel.

Yakimov V.I. et al. Features of Treating the AM4,5Kd Aluminum Alloy with an "Evtektika" Degassing Tablet
The article discusses results of further investigations into the effect of an "Evtektika" degassing tablet on the quality of Al alloys. An optimal ratio of refining and inoculating salts, sequence of their laying into the bell have been selected. This resulted in obtaining an alloy that meets the production and GOST requirements.

Kuznetsov V.P. et al. Comparative Analysis of Technical and Economic Effectiveness of Various Forming Types in the Production of Large Steel Castings.

Werning H. et al. The Vacuum-Film Molding Process for High-Quality Casting Production
The vacuum-film molding technology for high-quality casting production is presented. A brief description of the process and advantages of the technology are given. The latter are accompanied with a detailed analysis of dimensional accuracy of a number of castings.

Budanov Y.N. Choice of Techniques for Manufakturing Steel Castings for the Railkar Fleet

Afonaskin A.V. et al. The Vacuum-Film Molding Technology in OAO "Kurganmashzavod"

Grigoryev V.M. et al. Production of Bimetallic Compounds from Iron-Carbon Alloys by the Freezing-On Method
In the manufacture of critical bimetallic (BM) products practically all known metals are used. Influence of carbon on the structure formation of a BM compound, and the process of producing such compounds were studied. Peculiarities of structures of the BM near-boundary layers have been revealed. In designing BM compounds, taking into account of the presented structure types allows choosing the necessary material, optimal process with taking into account the conditions of parts' operation.

Volodin A.M. et al. Mastering a 20-Ton Direct Current Arc Furnace of the New Generation
Results of redesigning a 20-ton steel melting AC arc furnace DSV-20A to a DC unit DPPTU-20 are given. The change to direct current power supply allowed using both coarser and finer charge. The number of electrode breakage cases decreased.

Yanovsky A.G. About Intensification of the Branch Science

Lisitsyn P.G. Instrumental Methods of Evaluating Color Characteristics in Restoring Art Articles from Copper Alloys
The article discusses restoration solutions for art articles, in particular, color solutions. For designing an article's color they use instrumental methods of evaluating color characteristics. A brief analysis of different methods is given.

Sverdlin A. The 108th U.S. Metalcasting Congress - 2004

Degtyarenko G.I., Ruskol V.I. Review of International Information

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